Multiple Teams · Exporter Football – 4 Year Recruiting Plan

As we continue to build both this website and the Exporter Football Program, we hope that more and more of our student-athletes will find themselves seriously driven and dedicated to using their athletic skills to open up doors for themselves academically beyond high school.  Not everyone is blessed with that level of athleticism – so many pieces go into it from opportunity to self-motivation to DNA to even a little bit of luck sometimes.  As coaches, though, we believe in working to open those doors for as many as we possibly can.

But the student-athlete and his/her parent/guardian play a crucial role as well and are often at something of a loss as far as HOW to go about this.  In the hope of helping bridge that gap, we are adding a “RECRUITING INFO” section to this website AND will use it to catalog articles and information that will benefit that process … beginning today with:

Exporter Football – 4 Year Recruiting Plan