Exporters News · Semester Exam Schedule for This Week

Just a quick reminder for our student-athletes of what he exam schedule looks like this week –

Monday, 12/16 – 7th Period Exam (1:26-3:00)

Tuesday, 12/17 – 8th Period Exam (1:26-3:00)

Wedmesday, 12/18:
1st Period Exam (7:30-8:45)
3rd Period Exam (8:50-10:05)
5th Period Exam (10:10-11:30)

Thursday, 12/19:
2nd Period Exam (7:30-8:45)
4th Period Exam (8:50-10:05)
6th Period Exam (10:10-11:30)


Take your exams seriously – make sure you are prepared.  They could be the difference in a letter grade that will affect your Core GPA and your future.  Plus, your grades are a reflection of you – so make sure they send the best message possible.

If you need some study tips, check out this short article – it has some great ideas in it.

Keep in mind, you are expected to be on campus even if you are exempt.  Sign in and stay in The Galley during exams for which you have earned an exemption.