all · A Letter to Our Student-Athletes

To Our Exporter Student-Athletes and Families –

Good morning – I hope that you and your families are doing well during this uncertain time for our community and state and nation.  Our thoughts are with all of you as we navigate these uncharted waters in education and athletics and life.

We appreciate the enthusiasm many of you have shown in wanting to get back into the weight room and onto the field/track in advance of our return to school and to UIL athletic competition.  However, the BEST thing that we can all do right now to give ourselves the BEST chance to realize that goal is to comply with local, state, and federal expectations.  All facilities are closed at this point to coaches and student-athletes and will remain that way until it is deemed safe for us to get back to work.

I know we demand much of you and have encouraged you to demand more of yourselves – and on the surface this seems to fly in the face of closing everything.  But your safety and wellness trumps all else.  Keep in touch with your coaches as far as what you CAN do right now to prepare for a return to school and to competition.  Speaking for football, coaches there are posting workouts you can complete on your own at home that will aid in maintaining what we were building in our offseason program.  They are also preparing online learning modules so that you can continue learning our schemes and what we do from an X-and-O standpoint.

As we always say – the only thing we have in common with everyone else is time.  Never in my career has this been more true than now and your coaches are working on ways to improve how you can use the time you have.

Regardless, though, staying safe and healthy and taking care of your families is paramount.  Stay home.  Make good decisions.  Take warnings seriously.  The sooner we all do that, the sooner we will defeat this opponent and be ready to move forward.

We miss our kids –  we love our kids.  We look forward to seeing all of you again as soon as this crisis has passed.  We will, together, find the answers to the 1,000 questions we all have about finishing competitions for this year and summer workouts and next year and all of that … when this crisis has passed.


Anchors Aweigh –

Coach Mark Kanipes and the Brazosport High School Coaching Staff