Exporters News · 2020 Summer Strength Camp Info

Due to the Coronavirus, and the amount of time schools have been closed in the interest of student and staff safety, it is very important that we begin planning our summer workouts to make up for as much lost time as possible.

ALL DATES remain subject to change pending what is going on in our community and state.  The safety and well being of our student-athletes and staff is ALWAYS our first (and only) priority.  So there may be substantive changes to the calendar dates as necessary.  Nonetheless, we believe that a failure to plan is to plan for failure – so we are planning for a resumption of activities and school on May 4th … planning our summer workouts … and for the start of Fall Camp as scheduled (on August 3rd).

In the meantime, there are workouts posted to Schoology as well as online learning opportunities.  Our HUDL film library is available to athletes.  Contact your coaches if you have any other needs or questions.

Stay safe – take care of each other.  Make good decisions.  We’ll get through this time together.